We at Semac collect, store and process data in order to contact our customers to inform them about services and promotions. We always seek to protect your personal data and information. So you need to know exactly how they can be used.

Collected Information

We collect the information you share, upon consent, when requesting contact with our company by completing the form that we make available on our website.

Data usage:

We use your data, with your consent, to contact us, provide assistance and answer questions about our services.

Sharing information with third parties:

Your data is shared with our partners, in order to get in touch, provide assistance and answer questions about our services, in order to streamline and improve your experience with our service.


We use practices and technologies in line with technical and regulatory market standards, as well as controls that are always reviewed and improved.
Your personal data is stored in a safe place. What are your rights in relation to the data?
Through the means of contact available on our website, you can, at any time:
Request information about what personal data has been stored, its rectification or update;
Request the deletion of your data from our system, as long as there is no legal or regulatory impediment that requires us to keep it;
Request your registration or the non-receipt of marketing emails, automatically sent by our website.

Age Restriction:

Semac was created for people of legal age. If you are under 18, we ask that you do not submit your personal information to our website.


If you need any support or have any questions, requests or suggestions regarding this Policy or our website, please contact us through any of our service channels.
Emails: info@semac.com.br