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SEMAC Almar mechanical coupling clutches

Dry clutches in robust construction are used in operating machines, mixers, fans, pumps, laminators, naval propulsion engines etc. With transmission between 110 to 7200 Nm.

Almar clutches may be used as:

  A) Normal transmission clutch (axle / axle - axle / wheel - axle / pulley etc);

  B) Safety clutch with possibility of adjusting the maximum torque to be transmitted;

  C) Brake fixing one sector to a fixed support and the other to the moving system to be braked.


  • Smooth and fast coupling by mechanical, pneumatic, electric, etc control.
  • Low acquisition cost in addition to easy and fast maintenance.
  • Due to its construction, the cooling of the dissipating parts of the generated heat is constant.
  • Suitable for work in environments polluted by dust, moisture etc.
  • Easy and quick adjustment of torque and pad consumption through an adjustment ring without needing disassembly.

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