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Prinzing is a family company specialized in development, construction and assembling of Sheet Metal Working Machines with which you are able to bead, flange, roud, cut and seam sheets or other suitable materials.

Our product range extends from easily manual operated up to fully automated machines.

With our sheet processing machines you can bead, flange, crease, fold, wrap or cut sheets, metal grids or other suitable materials. It is also possible to combine the various types of machine with one another.

Our range of products extends from light portable hand machines for handwork up to automatically controlled machines for industrial production. With our machines you can, depending on the type of machine, machine sheets up to a thickness of 10 mm.

As a result of the high quality design of the machines you get a modern reliable, easy to use, product that requires little maintenance.
Of course we also make machines and equipment in accordance with your wishes and ideas.

Segments & Samples

Following only a brief summary of some of the many areas where PRINZING forming technology can be applied:

  • Furniture Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Manufacture of machinery
  • Pipe Production
  • Automotive
  • Building
  • Metallurgy
  • Metalwork
  • Metal structures
  • Refrigerating
  • Aeroespace
  • Energy

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