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BDS Maschinen

BDS Maschinen develops and produces a wide program of magnetic-core drilling machines, core drills and accessories.

Since its foundation in 1989, the company has established itself world-wide as a successful specialist in the core drilling, metalworking market. Applications include the steel industry and industrial construction, machinery and plant construction, ship building, bridge and power station construction.

At work each BDS machine, along with its accessories and its high quality magnetic core drilling tools including diameters from 14 mm to 150 mm, turns into a fast and efficient metal drilling system.


Each BDS Magnetic Core Drilling Machine is delivered with a protective carry case, operational manual, warranty certificate and safety chain. The high adhesion strength enables BDS machines for the use in areas with difficult access, including overhead drilling.

BDS drilling tools are optimally adapted to all BDS magnetic core drilling machines and third-party products.

There are economically attractive application possibilities in almost all areas of the metalworking industry BDS core drilling tools are produced in five cutting depths of 35, 35, 55, 75 and 110 mm and with more than 94 different drill diameters from 12 mm to 150 mm.

BDS Core drilling tools range diameters between 12 and 130mm and are produced with highest quality material, technique and heat treatment in order to provide security, durability, speed and absolute precision drilling.

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