• Easily and safely removes drilling chips with magnetic power


  • High performance cutting oil
  • High performance lubrication spray for work in constrained positions
  • High performance cutting paste for heavily machinable materials
  • Cleaning spray
  • Soluble cutting oil

Clamping Devices

  • Clamping device for serial production
  • Vacuum clamping device for non magnetic metals
  • Tube clamping device
  • Industrial pillar

Drill Chuck Systems for Core Drills

  • Quick change drill chuck system
  • Industrial arbors

Drill Chucks and Adapters for Twist Drills

  • Gear rim drill chuck
  • Reducing bushes
  • Extension bushes
  • Adapter

Thread Cutting

  • Quick change inserts
  • Tap adaptor

General Acessories for All Sizes

  • Steel carry case
  • Safety chain
  • Cutting oil reservoir


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