The SUPERCOMBINATA series have been manufactured in order to response to the ever increasing requests for the reconditioning and repair services for heavy plant.

1º SUPERCOMBINATA sc1 (40/1) for diameters from 45mm to 250 mm.

2º SUPERCOMBINATA sc2 (60/1) for diameters from 65mm to 500 mm.

3º SUPERCOMBINATA sc3 (60/2) for diameters from 65mm to 600 mm.

Extra kits from ELSA allow the end user to extend his working diameters of the line boring & rotary welding machine from 600 mm to 1200 mm.

The SUPERCOMBINATA Series is versatile, robust and reliable for reducing the downtime of heavy plant equipment, thus saving labor and material cost. Due to the machines portability, repairs can be carried out on site, thus eliminating the need to transport heavy plant equipment back to the workshop. The equipment is compatible with nearly all welding machines – MIG/MAG.

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