TEST-FUCHS test systems are successfully used by OEMs and MROs as production acceptance test stands and R&D test rigs or component overhaul test stands. Our customers value our product range, which spans from customer specified engineered solutions to standardised test systems.

Complete solutions for infrastructure planning, design, manufacture, production, assembly, implementation, maintenance, calibration and upgrades.

Test Stands for Non-Rotating Components, NR Series


  • Test Stand for Proof Pressure and Cleaning of Aircraft Tubes, HOEP1500PF
  • Test Equipment for Anti Skid Valves, TE-ASV1-2
  • Test Stand for PCU Components, TPCU1
  • Hydraulic Test Stand for Flight Control Unit, HFCU1
  • Test Stand for Aircraft Brakes and Flow Regulators, PFB65
  • Flushing Stand, FLST1MZ
  • Universal Hydraulic Test Stand, GBHTB1
  • Oil Flow Test Stand, FLST2M
  • Oil Nozzle Test Stand, FLST5LH
  • Hydraulic Component Test Bench, PHKL2-405
  • Universal Hydraulic Test Bench, UHTB1M
  • Hydraulic Pump Loading System, HPLS300
  • Engine Driven Hydraulic Pumps Loading System, HPLS400
  • Radar Cooling Liquid Pump Test Rig for EF2000
  • Test Stand for Screwjack and Bevel Gear Boxes, TSC1E
  • Test Stand for None-Rotating Components, NR-Series
  • Test Stand for Rotating Components (Motors and Pumps), MP-Series
  • Power Units for Hydraulic Test Stands, PU-Series

Test Stands for Rotating Components
(Motors and Pumps), MP-Series


  • Test Stand for Main Fuel Pumps and HMUs, THMU1AF
  • Fuel Nozzle Test Stand, FNTS9
  • Universal Test Stand for Fuel Controllers and Fuel Pumps, P-PKR2
  • Fuel Components Test Stands, FATS2
  • Test Stand Assy APU FCU and Fuel Nozzles, PTRV2
  • Main Fuel Accessories Test Stand, MFAT1SR
  • Test Stand for Fuel Pumps and Components, KKP100M-407

Main Fuel Accessories Test Stand, MFAT1SR


  • Oxygen Regulator Operational Tester, OXR100
  • Mobile Test Stand Oxygen Regulator, MOX12
  • Test Stand for Oxygen Components and Regulators, OXR3-A
  • Universal Test Stand for Pneumatic Components, PP200STA
  • Test Stand for Outflow Valves, POVM4NM
  • Test Stand for Safety Valves, PSV1000NM
  • Test Stand for Safety Valves, BSV1AF
  • Test Stand for Safety Valves, PSV1000N
  • Test Stand for Pneumatic Valves,PPV3
  • Pneumatic Test Stand, SPAN50/15
  • Test Bench for Alouette III Rescue Winch, PWP1
  • Test Stand for Air Turbine Starter, TATS1AF

Test Stand for PCU Components, TPCU1


  • Motor Spindle Test Stand, PMS2
  • Test Stand for Power Drive Units, TPDU1E
  • Test Stand for Power Drive Units, TPDU4C
  • Generator Test Stand, LMP90IB
  • Test Stand for Generators IDGs and CSDs, LMP300
  • Generator Test Stand, LMP60
  • Test Stand for DC Generators, Starter Generators and GCUs, SPSG15-16C-GCU
  • Starter Test Stand, DMW50T
  • Equipment for Static Test of GCU and their Moduls, PA-RST1
  • Backlash Tester, BLT5FA
  • Test Stand for Radial Actuators, PRP5LH-ROT
  • Test Stand for Linear Actuators, PRP5LH-LIN

Bancada para Teste de Componentes PCU, TPCU1


  • Equipment for Leakage on Actuators, PRP5LH-TLT
  • Combined Test System for A/C mounted AMAD, GCU and Transmission Units, PAM18GT

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