“Crocodile” universal clamping and welding device

For the assembly of section-section and section-head/ flange (with a time saving of min. 80 % in comparison with conventional methods).

  • Diameter: 1.500mm – 12.000mm
  • Thickness: 12mm – 120mm
  • Max. Mounted length: 50m
  • Max. Mounted weight: 400t

AB and ABU clamping rings

In stationary (AB) or rotary (ABU) design for the assembly of section-section and section-head.

CRWM long-seam tack welding machine

For continuous tacking of pipes.

  • Diameter: 305mm (12″) – 1.626mm (64″)
  • Tube lenght: 6.100mm – 18.300mm
  • Max. Thickness: 45mm

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