HKP dishing press, HBM flanging machine

For the manufacture of boiler heads.

  • Max. Diameter: 10.000mm
  • Max. Thickness: 100mm

RI straightening machine

For straightening plates and profiles.

  • Max. Width: 5.000mm
  • Max. Thickness: 80mm

CM calibration machine / SM shrinking machine

For tolerance-specific expansion and shrinking of metallic hollow parts.

  • Expansion force up until 200.000kN
  • Diameter: 50mm – 7.500mm

Post Bending Equipment, NABM

The post bending equipment, model NABM is used to conform the straight parts of the plate, originating from the bending process.

  • Diameter: 406mm (16″) up until 1.626mm (64″)
  • Max. tube length: 13.000mm
  • Max. Thickness: 42mm (X70)
  • Max. material: X120

CMR Tube Expander

HAEUSLER’s newly designed expander is designed for a step-by-step expansion of LSAW tubes, calibrating them for perfect ovalization, precise diameter and alignment.

  • Diameters: 406 mm (16”) up to 1 626 mm (64”)
  • Sheet width: Max. 13 000 mm
  • Sheet thickness: Max. 42 mm (X70)
  • Max. Material: X120

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