Our Cornerweld type standard and special welding machines make welding of simple and rear-lipped corner seam profiles on various parts easier and more precise than ever.

CORNERWELD corner welding machines have been developed for welding of plates in a 90° joint. Precise clamping technology with cooling and shielding gas supply combined with a convenient machine control for control of welding cycles ensure high-quality corner welding seams.

With stainless steel, uniform, visually perfect corner weld seams with no discolouration are possible. Particularly corners made of lipped pieces of cut stainless steel with ground, brushed or even a marbled surface will have a clean look with no regrinding.


Automatic welding of corners leads to considerable cost savings when compared to manual welding. Not only is welding considerably faster but there is also no need for time-consuming, cost-intensive manual cleaning and regrinding of corners. In actual application cases, amortisation time for machine investments was less than six months depending on product and length of welding seam.

Application Area

  • Welding of 90° corners with straight edges
  • Control cabinets, hygienic furniture, industrial kitchens, counters, ventilation ducts, medical technology, operating surgery furniture, bakery equipment, metal processors, packaging machines …
  • Corners with inward bend lips of up to 75 mm and outward bend lips of up to 80 mm height (depending on type).
  • Various corner geometries on one machine due to variable clamping system.
  • Simple changeover due to quick clamping principle for clamping elements.
  • Material: steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel 1.3401, 1.4404, 1.4401 etc, copper, aluminium …
  • Metal thickness: 0.5 – 3 mm
  • Welding methods: TIG, MIG/MAG, microplasma, laser


The variable clamping system allows welding of a wide variety of corner geometries with outward and inward bend lips. Exchangeable interior and exterior clamping elements combined with the quick clamping system guarantee flexibility during manufacture. In cooperation with customers, we will work out an optimal clamping and machine concept depending on product range and volume.

The machine control allows free selection of welding direction and setup of welding programmes for specific parts. Maximum welding lengths for the standard series are 100 / 300 / 500 mm. Special lengths and extra long versions available on request.


  • Cold wire
  • Parameter memory for 100 welding programmes
  • Operator guidance and documentation in local language
  • Mandrel lift
  • Special clamping elements, modular system
  • Remote maintenance modem


For welding of corners, a wide range of applications exist from control cabinets, ducts, stainless steel kitchens and stainless steel furniture to medical equipment. Due to their special geometry or size, some parts cannot be welded on a standard CORNERWELD corner seam welding machine.

For such cases, we can conceive, design and construct product-specific.






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