Experience and innovation for high-quality products

For many years the name HAEUSLER has been synonymous with excellent technical solutions, and the company is responsible for a number of bending technology innovations. The ‘Rollmeister’ was created to make the experience, innovative force and knowledge of HAEUSLER AG Duggingen accessible in the cost-sensitive standard machine sector. The purpose of the ‘Rollmeister’ is to offer high-quality 4-roll plate bending machines with a wall thickness capacity up to 40mm as part of a highly standardised product range.

Technology optimised to the essential

Economy and quality as benchmarks

Design & Know-how
The design and therefore the technology of the ‘Rollmeister’ machines incorporate more than 75 years of experience of the world’s most renowned manufacturer of plate bending machines – HAEUSLER AG Duggingen.

The Product
The aim of the TETRA series is to offer high-quality solutions in the cost-effective standard 4-roll plate bending machine market sector for a wall thickness up to approx. 40mm.
This is achieved with a 4-roll plate bending machine with orbitally positioned side rolls. It was possible to keep the adjustment paths of the side rolls extremely short, which results in considerably better bending geometries in comparison to conventional swing-arm or orbital machines.

The quality of our products is ensured by the location of our production facilities in Germany and the use of first-class products.

As we collaborate with experienced production specialists, we have created a product portfolio that has an extremely high level of standardisation. This enables streamlined and cost-efficient production and installation of our products.

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