WILPU Bimetalic Cobalto TOP Glass Cutters are produced within its own headquarters located in the city of Remscheid, Germany, obeying the most modern manufacturing techniques and within the strictest quality standards.

WILPU bi-metal hole saws are produced with all standard diameters on the latest production machines in Remscheid allowing to achieve the high quality standard according to DIN /ISO.

The WILPU Bi-metal hole saw offers following features:

  • Bimetalic blade of high quality and 8% cobalt-alloyed.
  • Toothing geometry is designed for the professional application in daily use.
  • Two toothing types:
  • Combo toothing of 4 and 6 tpi (14mm -210mm)
  • 10 tpi (14mm- 70mm)
  • A solid back plate ensures a high smoothness, a constant quick cut and a long lifetime:
  • Clean weld-seam of high resistance.

The above named features offers its users:

  • High precision at average speed.
  • The ability to perform multiple cuts within a high accuracy.
  • Uniformity of operation even at high speeds.
  • High performance due to aggressive cutting and high durability.
  • Long operating life even when working in hard materials like stainless steel cast iron.

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