Reciprocating Saw Blades

Reciprocating Saw Blades have become increasingly popular worldwide, so that the quality and application requirements have risen in equal measure.

As a pioneer in this segment, WILPU today has one of the largest production programmes in Europe for reciprocating saw blades for the cutting of different materials such as:

  • All kind of wood, plastics and gypsum board
  • Wood with metal residues
  • All kinds of steel, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steels

WILPU also offers customers a wide choice of Reciprocating Saw Blades for special applications, such as:

  • Carbide coated / tipped saw blades for the handling of hard wood, ceramics, glass-fiber reinforced products (GRP), gas-formed concrete, cast iron (SML) etc.
  • Robust saw blades with patented M-toothing for quick and precise cuts with high machine power and orbital stroke
  • Extra narrow saw blades for curved cuts and the cutting of tight radii
  • Indústria hidro-elétrica
  • Saw blades made of stainless steel for cutting food, ice and frozen goods.

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