Jig Saw Blades

WILPU offers a large variety of jig saw blades for the handling of metals, plastics of all kinds, wood and leather.
The wide range of jig saw blades offers a solution to nearly all kinds of sawing applications.

The main feature of a WILPU jigsaw offers:

  • Saw blades with reverse teeth
  • Combo/variable toothed saw blades
  • Curved saw blades
  • Quick cuts
  • Straight cuts
  • Clean cuts
  • Rough cuts
  • High cutting performance

Toothing types:

  • side set toothing (for rough cuts)
  • Wavy set toothing (for fine and clean cuts)
  • Cconically ground blade, teeth diagonally sharpened (for very clean and precise cuts)li>
  • Side set, diagonally sharpened (for fast and clean cuts)

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